Thursday, August 6, 2009

Off-Day Reading: Fate of the Franchise series, Here's a Thought, Baseball movie matchups, Yankees aces, Giants Road Woes Better?

Because there is no game today, and no Potent Preview or Postgame Beat, I wanted to go around the blogosphere and link up some articles that I have read and suggest for those who want some good, baseball-related material.

Most of these articles come from the Web site Bleacher Report. If you haven't checked out that Web site, definitely do so. A lot of great articles written by fans, for fans.

Fate of the Franchise: Giants 2010 Bullpen
By Danny Penza and Evan Aczon

These two guys are Featured Columnists on the San Francisco Giants at Bleacher Report and have come up with a lot of great articles on the Giants and their minor league system. This is just another part in their "Fate of the Franchise" series. Carouse on their profiles for more FOTF articles or Giants articles in general. If you're a Giants fans, you will definitely like some of the subjects they bring up.

Here's a Thought: MLB's 10 Most-Effective Changeups
By Nathaniel Stoltz

For those who are sabermetrics fans or Bill James enthusiasts, you will definitely enjoy what this guy has to offer. He is very saber-heavy, and is very strong in his opinions and you will either love his stuff or hate him passionately. He isn't afraid to call it how the stats show it, and he has gotten some heat, especially from Giants fans who weren't exactly thrilled when he wrote a piece on Matt Cain not being the ace everyone thinks he is statistically. In this piece, he goes over the ten most effective changeups in baseball today. He also has other pieces covering other pitches as well.

Baseball movie fantasy tournament
By Steven Sandberg

I always like debating with Steven Sandberg when it comes to sports, and he gives us another gem with his sports movies fantasy matchups. This week he goes over baseball and he brings up some interesting matchups. Who would win? The Angels from "Angels in the Outfield" or the Bulls from "Bull Durham?" Can the kids from the "Sandlot" beat the kids from "Hardball." A lot of great stuff not only for sports and baseball fans, but movie buffs as well. Another great piece from Steve.

Wealthy Yankees Rotation Needs to Prove Its Bite is as Big as Its Bark
By Heartbeat of the Bronx

Started just getting into to Heartbeat of the Bronx's stuff recently, and have really enjoyed it. Caution: this guy is a hardcore Yankee fan he won't hold back. So if you like the Yanks, then you may want to check him out. If you're not, well...he probably won't change your mind about the Bronx Bombers anytime soon. However, with the Red Sox-Yanks series at Yankee Stadium starting tonight, I thought this would be a good article to read in preparation for the series. A good introspective on the massive contracts Sabathia and Burnett signed this offseason.

Giants Give Astros Both Barrels, but are They Still Gun Shy on the Road?
By Andrew Nuschler

Andrew is another Giants FC for Bleacher Report and you can see why. A great mix of humor and analysis that has really drawn him a lot of respect in the B/R community. Here he takes a good look at the Giants road woes this year, and whether or not they turned a corner after taking two out of three in Houston this week. For those who are curious about the Giants, and whether or not things look to be on the up, especially away from AT&T, then this is a great article for you.

So those are the articles for you to sink in with the Giants coming back home to face the Reds. Enjoy the off-day!

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