Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Remember '51 is Moving...

When I started this blog, I pretty much did it because I was getting frustrated with Bleacher Report and how they were heavily editing my writing. Yeah, it was nice to get the traffic from B/R, not to mention the comments, but when the editors started using "Rice-a-Roni" tag-lines for titles in my articles, I started to think that I was going to need a change of scenery.

It's been tough in a sense that this blog has gone through so many stages. It first started out to be "Simmons-esque" (blogging from the sports fans perspective) and then it more veered toward a "sabermetrics" lense (thanks to Moneyball and a slew of sabermetrics baseball blogs) and then it started to become a combo of both. Then worked happened, I found myself in South Dakota, I joined and left a Catholic religious order, and before I knew it, four months had passed and I had written a single post. With all the new Giants blogs out there (especially after the Giants won the World Series), I felt it was a little late and the Giants blogging thing just passed me by.

I started slews of new blogs. I started basketball ones, APBRmetrics ones, college basketball ones, even two fantasy sports blogs. All of them failed for two reasons: at the core, I like writing about baseball and sabermetrics. While I have extreme interests in the worlds of Henry Abbot, John Hollinger and Ken Pomeroy, I enjoy reading Rob Neyer, Chris Quick and Dave Cameron a lot more. Baseball and sabermetrics reading and writing just feels natural to me, and for some reason, I could never really embrace basketball stats as fully as I could baseball ones, and thus, I feel it would be unfair to those who do to try and start a blog. I still have a genuine interest in basketball and APBRmetrics. It's just that I don't think I'm ready to create and maintain a blog about it just yet.

And so, I wanted to get back in the Giants blogging scene. But it wouldn't have been right to just post again with R51. R51 represented a certain era, an era that was pre-World Series. I couldn't just go back. I needed to start over, with the same ambitions and style I had with R51, but concentrating on something specific about the Giants.

After some contemplation over the subject, I settled on Minor League baseball.

To be frank, I really love minor league baseball. Bull Durham is my favorite baseball movie (Hoop Dreams is my favorite sports movie), I grew up and lived in towns where Minor League baseball teams existed (Spokane, Portland, Sacramento and San Jose), and I love analyzing prospects. I really do. Something about prospects intrigues me, as I'm sure it intrigues most baseball fans. There's something about analyzing a young player and seeing how he does at one level and how that will transition to the next level, be it Double-A, Triple-A or the Majors. Why does Pablo Sandoval succeed at the Big League level, but Todd Linden didn't? What are certain characteristics good minor league players have that bode well for future success?

So, I'm concentrating on Minor League ball now at http://optionedtofresno.blogspot.com/. I'm not an expert at it yet, but I'm working on it. I'm reading all I can, and I'm doing more and more research to make my posts as comprehensive as the possibly can be. Hopefully, it'll get to where Remember 51 got and perhaps beyond. At this point though, it's just a project, a project that I will take time and effort to develop.

Sounds kind of like a GM running a minor league system, huh?