Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Uribe Re-signing Official, Could Compete For Third according to Baggarly

Ironic. First I write a post trying to fathom the possibility of Eugenio Velez starting in Left Field for the Giants in 2010, and then I read this post from Extra Baggs.

Basically, Sabean and Bochy are yearning for the situation I've yearned for since Derosa signed: Pablo at first (though I'm not keen on bumping Ishikawa, but with Garko gone, he'll still get some time, if only as a backup), Juan at third, and Derosa in left.

In terms of improving the offense, the Giants will do much better with this lineup. Uribe, though a bit of a free-swinger, has power, and can drive in runs. Same thing with Derosa, even though he may be on the decline (due to age), and his home run numbers probably won't transition well to AT&T Park. And Pablo at first? Well...I don't care where Pablo plays really. The Panda can play catcher again for all I care. Him in the lineup = Happy Giants fans.

Anyways, back to Uribe, I'm glad the signing is official, that it's only one year, but I am curious how much he is going to be paid. Granted, whatever he is making, I'm sure it's not half as bad as it could have been in terms of acquiring a third baseman. For example, I know a lot of Giants fans toyed with the idea of Adrian Beltre, but Beltre is coming off a mediocre season at the plate, hasn't shown much other than his 2004 season with the Dodgers, and still got 10 million from the Red Sox for one year. For some reason, I think if the Giants signed him, he would have made a couple million more and would have got a couple more years as well. Is the pessimistic? Sure, but give me one year of Juan Uribe rather than three years of a guy who may be in the same ballpark talent wise as Uribe at this point.

Definitely check out the Extra Baggs post. He also brings up interesting points in terms of what Bruce Bochy will do with the lineup next season (though I don't think batting Aaron Rowand leadoff next year is necessarily the answer to the Giants problems offensively).

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