Sunday, January 24, 2010

The San Francisco Giants "Prospectus" Project

Call me crazy. Call me nerdy. Call me insane. Whatever. I know the average baseball fan doesn't care about advanced statistical analysis. I know everyone thinks Sabermetrics is for geeks who don't watch the games. I know projections rarely ever live up to EXACT fruition.

Like I said before...whatever.

I have the time. I have the energy. I have the resources.

So, I'm starting a San Francisco Giants prospectus.

Granted, this is a very personal prospectus. It includes everything from batted ball analysis, win probability, advanced stats, plate patience, pitch type, etc. And that's not all. I have roster lists, contract information (thanks to Cot's Baseball Contracts!), and this year's Bill James Projections (I had to splurge $9.95 on Yahoo for it, but you know what, it's worth it considering what you get).

Of course, this is all on excel sheets and paper right now. So, basically, the only one seeing this prospectus is me, KOB, the author of Remember '51. However, leading up to Spring Training and in the course of the season, I expect to use notes I write in my prospectus "notebook" as posts on this blog. Anything sabermetrically from now on will not just be exclusive to this blog. It will be in handwriting first, in a big purple notebook before I write it here on this blog.

So, does that mean I'm going to be another blog with only sabermetrics baseball angles? No, not really. I will continue to try to be pessimistic and humorous with some posts, be it the Remembering the Great '08 series or just other crazy thoughts in general. However, I think this Prospectus is worth noting because it is an ambitious project and I think it will give some insight to some of the future analytical pieces I will be writing in the future.

But like I said, the posts from now on just won't be from a Saber-slant. I will have articles that will go beyond all statistical and general baseball reasoning. After all, I am half-Filipino and half-Irish, and that mix doesn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense either. I might as well translate that into my baseball writing as well from time to time.

Crazy, irrational, "What the hell does that have to do with Giants baseball?" thought for today? Who would win in a fight? Eugenio Velez or Juan Uribe? Honestly, I don't know. I love the possibilities. On a Giants-fan-level, I would liken the fight to the first Clubber Lang-Rocky fight from Rocky III. Not exactly a fight everyone expects, and probably a lot shorter than we would all want, but there would be fireworks.

The Genie vs. Big Juan. I'm more excited for that than the Manny Pacquiao-Joshua Clottey fight in March.

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