Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Around the "Candlestick": Huff Analysis, Prospect Rankings, Roster Talk, Offense Musings

Decided to post some pieces I found on the Internet about the Giants that were interesting. Definitely gives me a nice break to not actually do some original "extensive" writing for a change. Come on. I do enough work on this blog posting as it is. Give me a break! I'll let Harrison Ford voice my feelings. (BTW Thanks Bill Simmons!)

Aubrey Huff Analysis on Fangraphs

I really respect and love the Web site Fangraphs, a sabermetrics heavy baseball site (you can get all kinds of advance statistics on players; it's pretty much an easier to navigate Baseball Prospectus in my mind). Anyways, Jack Moore of Fangraphs posted an interesting article on the Giants' acquisition of Aubrey Huff. Basically, we shared the same feelings: he was less than thrilled about Brian Sabean's acquistion.

John Sickels Top 20 Giants Prospects

This was posted almost two months ago, but due to certain circumstances, I wasn't able to see it until now. Some things I like: Buster Posey and Thomas Neal at the top of the list. Some things I expected: Conor Gillaspie near the bottom. Things that make me a little queasy: Sickels "less than thrilled" attitude concerning Dan Runzler and Waldis Joaquin (both whom I love).

Roster Thoughts from McCovey Chronicles

I went a little off on the McCovey Chronicles a couple of days ago in my Huff Post. I didn't really mean it though. I think was just more upset by the constant Ishikawa bashing than anything else. Really. I love this blog. You know that scene where Jeanne Tripplehorn is crying when she is ex-communicated from the Church of Latter Day Saints in the show "Big Love"? Yeah, that would be me if I was barred from that Giants blog. My favorite blog on the Giants period (other than this one of course...sorry I'm vain).

Some Thoughts on the Giants Offense for 2010

Satchel Price of Beyond the Box Score posted a piece musing on the offense of the Giants going into the 2010 season. In summary, it's probably the most optimistic thing I've seen about the Giants offense in quite some time. There are some things he did point out I didn't agree with (he mentioned that he believes Aaron Rowand is due for a breakout year, while I think Rowand can improve, but only because last year was so atrocious), but for the most part, it makes you think good things about the Giants offense around Pablo Sandoval for a change. If you're a Giants fans, read this and keep it bookmarked for when you're feeling blue.

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