Thursday, April 15, 2010

Remember '51 Joins the Yardbarker Network

Hey everyone! I'm going to post quick two things. Today I just got accepted into the Yardbarker San Francisco Giants network. Overall, I'm pretty pumped. First off, I will be joining company with a few already great Giants blogs (Dodgerhater, 22 Gigantes, Croix De Candlestick and Paapfly). Secondly, joining the network will give this site a boost in traffic, which is always nice!

Anyways, just wanted to make the announcement. The next post will be the privacy policy statement, which they require me to post on the blog. Please read through it, as Remember '51 goes through these changes. Don't worry though about this new look. Remember '51 will still be pro-Fred Lewis and sabermetrics and anti-Dodgers and Hank Schulman.

Remember '51.

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