Monday, April 5, 2010

The PG Beat: Opening Day, Lincecum Deals, Derosa Homers, Hufff = Sean Casey 2.0?

It's back! And I love it to boot!

Baseball season returns as does the Postgame Beat. Now, this Postgame Beat won't be obviously as long or as complete as PG Beats in the past, but it will still happen people! This is Giants baseball after all.

Anyways, what a way to start off the season. The Giants won 5-2, Aaron Rowand gave his usual 0-for-5 fielding practice for Astros infielders, and John Bowker proved he belonged in the lineup with a long single and a great catch in left field.

To be specific though, here's a few more condensed thoughts from the game:

-- Tim Lincecum looked awesome. Last year he looked shaky against the Brewers, but he got some decent offensive help in that one because Jeff Suppan was on the mound for the Brew crew. Today, he didn't need much help from the Giants offense. The line says it all: seven IP, zero walks, seven strikeouts. That's dominance ladies and gentleman, plain and simple. Going into the year, I thought it was impossible that Lincecum would three-peat the Cy Young. After today, I don't think it's so farfetched.

-- Mark Derosa. Put it on the board...YES! (Sorry to rip from the homer Chicago White Sox announcers). Derosa may not be the total answer to the Giants offensive woes, but he looked pretty good. He drew a walk that sparked the Giants three-run inning second and his homer in the eighth pretty much locked it up. If Derosa continues these solid at-bats, he'll make Giants fans grateful that Brian Sabean forked out the cash for him in December.

-- Aubrey Huff didn't have a bad game. But I was incredibly startled by him out there. He looked incredibly skinny and the way he swung...well, he kind of looked like Sean Casey. Yes, the eight homer hitting Sean Casey who is now an analyst for MLB Network. Now, it is only one game, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Huff put up Casey-in stats. His swing just didn't seem to have a lot of power behind it and he doesn't seem to be the Huff that was putting up 20-homer seasons in Tampa and Baltimore. Like I said, early, but I'm not all too hopeful.
    So that's the first PG Beat of the 2010 season. Hopefully, there will be plenty more to come. Go Giants and best of luck to Barry Zito tomorrow.

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