Saturday, March 6, 2010

Injuries, Injuries, Injuries...And It's Only Spring Training!

The Giants are only three games into Spring Training and yet injuries are already an issues. Here's a rundown of guys who are going through some injury issues at this time:
So, four injuries hit four players who are needed/expected to make an impact in 2010. The one I feel the most for is Burriss, mainly because his speed is such a strength of his (in fact, his only strength considering how much he dropped defensively last season) and I wonder if it this foot injury is going to linger with him like Lewis' foot surgery did in 2009 (where he went from 21 stolen bases in 2008 to eight stolen bases in 2009).

Ishikawa I'm also concerned about, but from what it sounds like, it could be serious but it could also be minor as well. We'll need more time to determine whether or not it will truly have an effect on him in 2010 (and if it does, then...well...we might have some problems defensively at first base without our best defensive infielder in Ishikawa).

As for Derosa and Sanchez?'s frustrating. $24 million for damaged goods (in the grand scheme of things it certainly could be worse). Oh well, let's hope that they can get healthy soon so they can make those contracts worth it. After all, it's only Spring Training and the Giants are 3-0 going into today (but like I's only Spring Training).

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