Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Retro B/R Marathon! Feb. 12-20! (Also, a short "Around the Candlestick")

I'm going to be traveling the next couple of weeks. So, I really won't be able to come out with any new posts. That being said, I'm not leaving the blog completely alone. Scheduled in the next couple of weeks will be a series of posts on articles that I wrote exclusively for Bleacher Report before I started Remember '51. The reason I decided to bring these articles up is because I wanted to see how much I matured as a writer since I started writing on the Giants.

Overall,  I think the transition has been good. It's definitely safe to say that my writing today is not like it used to be when I started writing for Bleacher Report. I used relatively no statistical analysis, and it was all very humor based. Not that it was a bad thing, but I wanted my writing to be more balanced with humor and analysis and not just solely use humor (most of it too just pretty much ripped off of Bill Simmons to boot).

So, for the next couple of weeks, I will be having a post from my old Bleacher Report articles posted on Remember '51. Any feedback is welcomed but remember, I'm a different writer than I used to be when I wrote these articles. A lot of views have changed, and certainly the writing style has changed a little as well. So...don't hold these posts too close against me.

Also, I am very thankful to Web sites and Blogs that have linked Remember '51 on their pages. In "Around the Candlestick" fashion, I will acknowledge these sites and give brief descriptions about them so you know what you're clicking on when you see their updates on the blogroll.

The Dodgerhater

The Dodgerhater is a quick-growing, humor-based Giants baseball blog. Basically, it's kind of like the McCovey Chronicles, only with a little more bite. Personally, I really like the blog, and when I got linked on is Foghorn and Splash Hits section, I was ecstatic. The Dodgerhater is still relatively young in comparison to a lot of other Giants blogs out there, but it's already getting a lot of well-earned respect (as evidenced in Yahoo's Big League Stew where it was listed as a recommended Giants Blog).

Bay City Ball

Bay City Ball is a great site for Giants fans who happen to be more on the stat-head signs of things. I think Bay City Ball may be one of the most underrated sabermetric baseball sites in general, let alone the class of all Giants blogs who tend to dabble in sabermetrics. As a blogger who has started to encompass more and more sabermetrics into his pieces, Bay City Ball is a great example of when and how to use more advanced statistical analysis when it comes to Giants baseball.

Croix De Candlestick

Croix De Candlestick is run by a former contributor to Giants Cove that now is running his own ship. Giants Cove doesn't exist anymore, and I think Croix De Candlestick is a big reason why. The blog definitely has a lot of great stuff, including a great piece that compares the Seattle Mariners' off-season to the Giants. As a recent college graduate from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash., I definitely agree with most of his sentiments in that post.

MLB Fantasy Prospects

MLB Fantasy Prospects was the first site to link Remember '51 on their page and I couldn't be more thankful. This is really a hidden gem out there on the internet when it comes to prospect analysis. I know Keith Law has great minor league analysis, but you have to pay for Insider to get it. John Sickels has a great blog in Minor League Ball, but you can definitely tell it's just small bait to get you to buy his prospect book every year. MLB Fantasy Prospects holds nothing back, and if there's anything you want to find on prospects, especially Giants one, chances are they got what you want.

Giants Win

Technically, I haven't got on their blogroll yet, but Remember '51 was linked in a post Giants Win put up last week. Basically, Giants Win finds other Giants stories around the Web and links them on posts. It's really nothing special, unless you are dying to find any Giants news stories and don't want to spend too much time on Google. That being said, thanks to Giants Win for the link and thanks for the kind words.

Okay, so that's the "Around the Candlestick" for this time around. Hope you enjoy the Retro Bleacher Report articles over the next two weeks. I'll start having new posts by Feb. 21.


  1. Thanks bud. The Dodgerhater appreciates the kind words. I do what I can.

    In respect to McCovey Chronicles, I just try to take a more positive approach to everything. Grant's got a great site over there and it's a behemoth compared to you or I, but I just feel like he's too negative a lot of the time.

    We both use humor, but mine seems to be more like Bill Simmons while his is like Al Franken or something a little more vicious. Like MCC is the angry bleeding heart liberal and I'm the goofy country everyman trying not to come off as a complete idiot. That's kind of what I go for, and it seems to be catching on.

    Again, thanks, and I look forward to bullshitting on Twitter.

  2. No problem man. I definitely understand what youre saying with the McC. Don't get me wrong. I love that blog as well, and it's definitely one I look at constantly. That being said, I totally get what you're saying. And it's not just Grant either, but there's a whole atmosphere of pessimism from other poster to commenters. Not that it's a bad thing, but you feel very hard-pressed to contribute anything if you're just a regular joe and not a consistent commenter on the blog because the commenters and posters have such a concrete stance on everything.

    Granted, some things I agree with (Sabean needs to go), some I don't (Ishikawa is better than the McC people would like to believe, IMO). But at some point, I would like to go on McC and like to see something that's not always a downer.

    Thanks again man. Looking forward to more stuff from the Dodgerhater soon (as well as BSing on Twitter).