Thursday, July 23, 2009

A new San Francisco Giants blog

Since I have been covering anything and everything on the San Francisco Giants for the past couple of months, I wanted to dedicate a blog to everything and anything concerning this Giants baseball team. Basically, this will try to be a place where you can find things about the Giants, both past, present and future as well as other posts on the sport of baseball in general (yet for the most part, it will be about the Giants).

I will still continue to write for my old blog, the Ex-Call Taker (although not as much) and Bleacher Report. However, the reason I want to write to this blog is because I want to be more free and less rigid in my writing style. The great thing about Bleacher Report is that you get great feedback, and it is a great forum to get exposure to your writing. At the same time, things can get rigid. They emphasize a lot of things that can really tighten you're writing, and I just want to have a place where I don't have to write articles with continuous short paragraphs, and have everything edited to a tee.

So here's a place where you'll find everyday analysis and observations on the Giants throughout the year. A lot of it will be heavily biased, slightly humored, slightly offbeat, but I think it will be a good forum for anybody that loves the sport of baseball, and this San Francisco Giants organization.

(Note: this is technically the first post in the blog. All the other posts are imported from my other one, the Ex-Call Taker, because they are baseball-centric. So if you're confused why this seems to come out of nowhere, you now know).

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